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Tang Soo Do Karate & The Female Academy of Martial Arts 

  Snow Heons Martial Arts  

Confidence - Focus - Self Esteem - Respect - Discipline - Self Defence - Fitness  &  Fun!


Question: When do I need to buy a uniform?

Answer: All new students may train in their school PE kit or similar/appropriate sports kit for a full 1st term of training. Please note that football shirts/shorts of any type are not allowed. Upon signing up and paying for your child’s 2nd term a SHMA uniform must be worn. 

Question: Can I buy a uniform during my 1st term?

Answer: Many students do purchase a SHMA uniform during the 1st term. SHMA Uniforms cost £25 for the following sizes: 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm & 140cm. 150cm, 160cm, 170cm, 180cm, 190cm & 200cm uniforms cost £30.

Question: Why must I wear a SHMA Uniform?

Answer: Plain white & other Martial Arts uniforms cannot be worn. SHMA uniforms are a standard style with all the required badges sewn on. 

Question: Why do I need the SHMA handbook?

Answer: The handbook ( £10) has all over 140 pages of information about Korean Martial Arts, the SHMA grading System & lots of pictures! The handbook is also your initial membership with SHMA and must be purchased at the same time you purchase your uniform.