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Master Faith Carmichael (Formerly Andrews)
SHMA Chief Instructor

Grandmaster Manna, Master Carmichael, Grandmaster Wilson, Grandmaster Khalid

It all started when Master Carmichael took her first Judo lesson at the age of 14 and instantly fell in love with the discipline of individually focused training and the camaraderie between all the Judoka. 

Master Carmichael trained as often as possible before moving to Connecticut, USA for work in 1991.  Here she met and began her training with Grandmaster Yong Man Lee (9th Dan Tang Soo Do, 8th Dan Judo & Hapkido) and this is where her Martial Arts life really began.

Before and after her Judo class Master Carmichael watched Grandmaster Lee teach Tang Soo Do and Hapkido and was soon training in all 3 disciplines for approximately 4 hours a day, every day. Judo was one of Master Carmichael's’ training passions, but ultimately an ankle injury meant she had to continue her Martial Arts journey in a less weight bearing discipline. 

Master Carmichael  was granted the permission and the privilege to attend the 1994 Martial Arts summer training camp at Grandmaster Lee’s University in Seoul, South Korea for 10 weeks. Training with a Yong In Taekwondo display team, Judo National & Olympic teams and with visiting National teams from Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan & the USA gave Master Carmichael  a truly unique look inside the Martial Arts life and heightened her ambition to follow in Grandmaster Lee’s footsteps and become an Instructor.

This ambition took some time to achieve as Master Carmichael  was training to be a professional  stunt woman at the tine and wanted to finish her disciplines (formation Sky Diver, Master Scuba Diver, SPA Rock Climber). She also wanted to add Taekwondo to her skill set to compliment the other Korean Martial Arts.  She was awarded her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 1997 and Tang Soo Do in 1998 and opened The first “Snow Herons” Tang Soo Do club in Merton Park, London, in 1998. 

In 2006, Master Carmichael  began studying for her BSc (Honours) in Sports rehabilitation and injury prevention at Middlesex University to compliment her Martial Arts. It was during her last year of University in 2008 that Master Carmichael  attended a Instructors Fitness training course (Crossfit) in California.  She approached Grandmaster Manna while she was there to ask to train with him while she was qualifying in her Crossfit course and was immediately struck by the feeling of returning to where her Martial Arts life had begun; with a Grandmaster, Masters and Students who truly live as Martial Artists & inspire daily, not only fellow students but everyone they come into contact with; a vastly different way of life than just training in the Martial Arts.

Master Carmichael  felt an overwhelming sense of calm and contentment with Grandmaster Manna, his Masters and students. Not only was the training in skills superb but the camaraderie in the school made Master Andrews feel like a part of a “family”.  From here, she made the decision to ask to join Grandmaster Manna and The Educational Martial Arts System (TEMAS) which also prides itself in such esteemed members as, Grandmaster James Wilson & Grandmaster Darryl Khalid.

Throughout Master Andrews’ Martial Arts journey, she travels extensively to San Diego to train with Grandmaster Manna, and from this, has gained vast knowledge and skills. Master Carmichael  is indebted to Grandmaster Manna who helped her expand her technical coaching, thus enabling her to incorporate her speciality of specific natural strength and body conditioning warm up techniques at the start of each teaching session. Master Carmichael's  passion lies in teaching Martial Arts and she has dedicated herself to being a full time instructor.  Through her work, she can see her passion being passed on to her students, and this is clearly reflected in their amazing achievements and dedication.

2012 Tang Soo Do: The Educational Martial Arts System

          4th Dan Master Instructor Awarded

2011  Tang Soo Do: The Educational Martial Arts System

          4th Dan Sa Bum Nim Awarded

2006  Tang Soo Do: World TSD Association 

          WTSDA World Championships, USA  

          SHTSD Chief Instructor Team Coach: 

          World Grand Champion Medalists (7) World Grand Champion                      Medalists (1)

2005  Tang Soo Do: World TSD Association 

           3rd Dan Awarded

2002  Tang Soo Do  Tang Soo Do: World TSD Association 

           2nd Dan Awarded 

2000  Tang Soo Do: International Martial Arts Association 

          World Championships, United Kingdom

          Female Championship Grand Champion 

                                                                                                                                 International Martial Arts Instructor of the Year

1999   Tang Soo Do: International Martial Arts Association 

           British Championships - Female Grand Champion

1998   Tang Soo Do: International Martial Arts Association 

           1st Dan awarded

1997   Tae Kwon Do: British Tae Kwon Do Control Board

           1st Dan Awarded

1994   Tae Kwon Do: British Tae Kwon Do Control Board

           British (UK) National Team Selections - British Team 1st Substitute

1993   Tae Kwon Do: United Tae Kwon Do 

           UTKD Championships, USA - Gold

1993   Tae Kwon Do: British Tae Kwon Do Control Board

           British TKD Championships,UK - Silver

1993   Judo: Connecticut State Judo Championship

                                                                                              Connecticut State, USA - Silver

                                                                                    1993   Judo: International Judo Championships, USA

                                                                                               Mansfield Championships, USA -  Bronze

             1993   Judo International Judo Championships, USA 

                                                                                               Valley Shore Championships - Silver

                                                                                    1993 Judo: United States Judo Association 

                                                                                                       1st Dan Awarded

                    1992  Tae Kwon Do: Tae Kwon Do Championships, USA 

                                               Hwang’s Championship - Best Female Performance Awarded

Master Carmichael's Continuous Professional Development specialising in Student Protection

DBS Clearance Certified
First Aid Qualified: RAMC
Child Protection in Schools - NSPCC
Child Protection in Sport - NSPCC
WRAP: The Prevent Agenda - Sutton Council

Master Carmichael's recent professional qualifications in Sport / Martial Arts

2017        Region Head UK TEMAS

2014        Pad Box Certified Instructor

2014        Master Instructor Tang Soo Do

2010        BSc (Hon) Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

2008        Cross fit Certified Instructor - Adults & Children

2008        National Association of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer  (NASM)