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GrandMaster Brian Manna
Kwon Jang Nim

Grandmaster Manna

Brian D. Manna, GrandMaster/Kwon Jang Nim, Pal Dan

Manna's Martial Arts, San Diego, California

"The truest form of leadership is one which is bestowed upon you by those whom share your journey. I continue to be overwhelmed and honored by the respect, commitment and loyalty shared by those sharing the journey of life that I call students, friends and teachers. This journey's kindness to my students, family and me is never overlooked." - Grand Master Brian D. Manna

      "The martial arts is a tool to assist in both the mental and physical challenges which lay before  us in life's journey.     

           Each step, stretch and bead of perspiration provides us an opportunity to achieve.” - Grand Master Brian Manna


 After seeing a picture of a black belt in a book at the age of three, that his dad brought back from the Pacific, it was clear Mr. Brian Manna has held a passion, fascination and vision of being a martial artist ever since. While attending Junior High and High School he was inspired by Patricia Olekszyk (formerly Patricia Gane), a traditional Shotokan style martial artist. While attending college, Tyler School of Art a part of Temple University, Mr. Brian Manna was recommended and referred to Kwon's Karate in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania by Patricia Olekszyk. 

He began his distinguished career in the martial arts in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, training under the instruction of Grand Master Young K. Kwon at Kwon's Karate, in the U. S. Tang Soo Do (Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Soo Bak Do Association).

 Mr. Brian Manna moved to California in 1978 and continued his training with Grand Master Young H. Kwon. While training he won the World Tang Soo Do Association Headquarters Design Contest from WTSDA Founder Grand Master Jae C. Shin and later received the No. 10 Life-Time Membership with the WTSDA. He began his teaching with Grand Master Young H. Kwon in San Diego. Mr. Brian Manna was honored to be present and assist in the formation of the United Martial Arts Federation with Grand Master Young K. Kwon and Grandmaster Young H. Kwon.

To Mr. Brian Manna opening a location was a serious undertaking. Knowing first, was the understanding that once he began teaching in an area he was committed to stay in that area, forming life long relationships with students, families and the community. After researching the community and demographics Mr. Brian Manna began teaching at the Westwood Club Community Center in San Diego, California. 

In 1984, with overwhelming support from 100% of the members the doors of the original United Tang Soo Do Karate (UTSDK) located two blocks away, the first studio, were opened. Mr. Manna had the pleasure and opportunity to train in combat applications and weapons concepts with Soke Dai Ralph Black Jr, of the Bunbu Ichi Zendi Kyo Ki, from 1988 to 1990. The Rank of 4th Dan in Tang Soo Do was presented to Master Manna in 1990. On September 8,1994, the new UTSDK, Carmel Mountain Studio now Manna's Martial Arts in Carmel Mountain Ranch, San Diego, California was opened. At 7,000 square feet, MANNA'S is proud to be one the finest studios in the United States. Today Master Manna continues to service the same communities.

For Master Manna's support and dedication to the Martial Arts, he has received numerous awards of recognition. He has held special demonstrations and exhibitions for many communities, sponsored many youth organizations. Developed a martial arts scholarship program for higher education.


Directed and produced instructional videos and DVDs through TEMAS for Grand Masters and masters in the arts. Master Manna and members during martial arts training at the Westwood Club were featured in a nationwide book published by Franklin Watts, Inc. a Fist Book Edition(Karate by L.D. Brimner). Master Manna with the support of Mr. Tom Patire, the creator of Know & Go, was the invited Child Safety Expert featured on KMFB News 8, (August 2002) Master Manna has presented Know & Go Child Safety Courses to entire elementary schools, through assemblies on campus of the schools, since 2005.

In the fall of 1997 at the request and encouragement of Grand Master James Wilson, Manna's entered into Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do competition. In 1997, in support of the 12th Annual Manna's Martial Arts Camp, Century Martial Arts Supply sent Herb Perz, Kim Dodson-Peck and Kevin Padilla to the three day event. With the hard work and commitment of thirty members competing in 1998 and 1999 Grand Master Manna was appointed CA State


Coach of the Year at the 1999 Tae Kwon Do Jr. Olympics. The team had earned twenty-eight California State Championship medals, a National Silver and a National Gold Medal in those two years.

Grandmaster Manna founded and became the Founding Master of The Educational Martial Arts System, Inc. 1990, and titled TEMAS Kwon Jang Nim.

Over the past twenty-six years, Grand Master Manna has helped guide many outstanding Students, over 450 Black Belts, Grand Champions, Instructors, Master Instructors and studio owners. Grand Master Manna continues to teach, guide and speak proudly of those who have entered the ranks of Master (Ko Dan Ja and Sabum Nim) through his tutelage: Master Christopher A. Brandt; Master Mark W. Pattison; Master Steven T. Simpson; Master Janet K. Manna and Master Christian R. Hunter.


As a Graduate of the 2005 FBI Citizens Academy and an active member of the San Diego Infragard Chapter Grand Master Manna and MANNA'S continues to sponsor Community Awareness Events with the support and direction of the San Diego FBI Field Office and San Diego Police. Some of the subjects have been: Predator Awareness, Internet Security, Home Network Security, Domestic Terrorism, Child Safety and Finger Printing, How to be a Good Witness and Insight into the use of Explosive Devices in Middle East Terrorism. Grand Master Manna believes that growing the awareness of the community will help build a stronger America, exemplifying the proactive good in each one of us. 

As an instructor, his commitment and dedication to enhancing each student's personal growth is infallible. Offering many special clinics, camps, leadership development courses and training programs for martial arts students, instructors, community families and corporate retreats. One of his main areas of focus is to reach out to the community and offer them an introduction to the benefits of Martial Arts. In addition to instructing full time at Manna’s he has directed programs in over twenty-five Southern California locations with the aid and assistance of many fine instructors.


He has mentored and shared martial arts learning, ideas, techniques and concepts for more than thirty years with Grand Master Darryl Khalid and Grand Master James Wilson. At a seminar sponsored by Grand Master Khalid he was introduced to Grand Master Andy Ah Po. May 20, 2006, Grandmaster James Wilson and Grand Master Darryl Khalid announced at the TEMAS International Dan Test, with more than 170 attending Black Belts and Ko Dan Ja, that from that date on Master Manna would be hereby recognized as Grandmaster Manna, for his continued contribution and development of the martial arts. Grand Master James Wilson, Grand Master Andy Ah Po and Grand Master Darryl Khalid invited the martial arts community to a Grand Master Entitlement and Rank, 7th Dan, Certification to honor Grand Master Manna on July 29, 2006 in San Diego California.


He was a personal student of Grand Master Andy Ah Po for five years. Grand Master Manna states, “Over the years I have been honored to meet, train and share with many great people whom not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.” In June 2008 Grand Master Andy Ah Po presented Grand Master Manna with 7th Dan certification from the Tang Soo Do Martial Way Association.

July of 2011 Grandmaster Manna was pleased to be a guest at the 2011 Internationals USA, sponsored by TSDMGK and The Worldwide Tang Soo Do Family. Students and Ko Dan Ja from around the world were in attendance. Grandmaster Manna was both honored and pleased to be able to see and share in the spirit and sportsmanship that was displayed. He commends the running and organization of the championship by Grandmaster Charles Ferraro.

Grand Master Manna continues to instill in his Students, Instructors, Masters and himself work ethic and good values. In direct response to this effort Grand Master Manna has been certified Pal Dan - 8th Degree Black Belt by the Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do, August 25, 2011. On September 1, 2011, The Board of Trustees and upon recognition of the Faculty of the School of Defense Tactics and Martial Sciences presented Grandmaster Manna the title of Diplomate of the American College of Defense Tactics.


October of 2011 a public presentation was made from Dr. Ralph D. Black Jr., 3rd Generation San Dai Soke of the Bunbu Ichi Zendo Budo/Bugei Remmei and by unanimous acceptance of the Board of Soke bestow the Black Family designation of Professor on Brian Manna Pal Dan - 8th degree Black Belt, certification was made August 25, 2011. Grandmaster Manna has maintained a relationship with Dr. Ric Black since their first meeting in 1988. After a clinic Grand Master Manna stated, "It continues to be exciting and fun to see that Dr. Ric Black has maintained his educational, technical and relaxed manor of sharing information for the more than twenty years."

Grand Master Manna has produced and directed Learning Seminars for martial arts instructors in business on both the East and West Coasts. Grand Master Manna stated, “The martial arts has been very kind to my family and I.” Grand Master Manna is open to aide and assist martial artist school owners, club instructors and those interested in building all aspects of their martial arts programs and studio success.


Grand Master Manna's greatest reward is to know that his teachings provide students the skills to achieve personal success, affect others in positive ways, and progress in their communities,

both in martial arts and through the journey of life's many experiences.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Grand Master Brian D. Manna's Timeline - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2014 Presented Senior Master C. Brandt (USA) and Senior Master J. Manna (USA) with Certification of 6th Dan
2014 Presented Faith Andrews (UK) with 4the Dan Certification and Master's Ring
2013 Produced Self Defense Instructional DVD through TEMAS, (Ho Sin Sul Hapki-do and Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun)
2012 Two trips to London, UK Teaching Clinics and classes in support of SHMA
2012 Presented Senior Master C. Brandt, Senior Master M. Pattison and Senior Master J. Manna with 6th Dans Belts
2012 Expansion of HQ Manna's Martial Arts to ~10,000 sq.ft.
2012 Presented first TEMAS Varsity Martial Arts Leauge awards to two participants
2012 Legends of Martial Arts honored guest and award recipient
2012 Grand Master Sponsor of "Legends of the Martial Arts" Hall of Fame, USA National Karate Championship
2012 Produced Instructors Combat Staff Defense Instructional DVD through TEMAS, (Bong Soo Sik Dae Ryun)
2011 United Kingdom, London, KJN Manna taught International Seminars and Clinics, November 22-27
2011 United Kingdom, Presented TEMAS 4th Dan Jr. Master to Faith Andrews, November 25
2013 Produced Instructors Self Defense Instructional DVD through TEMAS, (Ho Sin Sul Hapki-do and Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun)
2011 Diplomate of the American College of Defense Tactics, September
2011 Held 25th Year Karate Camp in the mountains of Julian CA
2011 Announce Master C. Brandt, Master M. Pattison and Master J. Manna will be testing for 6th Dan, 2012
2011 Designation of Professor Certification Pal Dan - 8th Degree Black Belt, August by Grandmaster/Dr. Ric Black Jr.
2011 8th Dan Certification, CMK Taekwondo August
2010 Recieved Professional Promoter License by the California State Athletic Commission*
2010 Produced Dagger Instructional DVD through TEMAS
2009 Produced Tang Soo Do Back Belt Forms/ Weapons Instructional DVD through TEMAS
2009 500th Dan Member Presented with TEMAS Dan Certification
2008 Expanded TEMAS to the United Kingdom, Faith Andrews 3rd Dan
2008 Tang Soo Do 7th Dan Certification by TSDMWA by Grand Master Andy Ah Po
2008 Coordinator of 'Getting in Touch, Accessing, and Channeling Ki' by Grand Master Andy Ah Po, Phoenix
2006 Grand Master Induction Ceremony by SAMA & SDAMA (photo of attending Ko Dan Ja above)
2006 7th Dan TEMAS Tang Soo Do Certification
2006 Grand Master/Tang Soo Do 7th Dan Certification by SAMA, SDAMA
2006 Grand Master Wilson and Grand Master Khalid announce May TEMAS Dan Test Brian Manna presented with title of Grand Master
2006 Produced Grand Master Andy Ah Po DVD Series through TEMAS 
2006-2007 Infragard Sector Chief (FBI), Community Service Sector, San Diego CA 
2006 Presented 5th Dan Master to Janet Manna and 4th Dan Jr. Master to Christian Hunter
2005 Produced Grandmaster Khalid Chi Gong DVD Series through TEMAS 
2005 FBI Citizens' Academy Graduate, San Diego CA. Current participant.
2004 Outlined and Created Leadership Development Program
2004 Produced Tang Soo Do Instructional Forms DVD through TEMAS 
2004 First Personal students received 5th Dan Masters: Chris Brandt, Mark Pattison, Steve Simpson
2003 Presented Songin as a formal martial arts style and began teaching Songin to adults.
2002 Developed Martial Arts Business Development Seminars. First presented in Atlanta, GA and San Diego, CA, MANNA
2002-2008 Tactical Master Instructor of CDT NON-DEADLY FORCE TRAINING
2001 Presented 4th Dan Jr. Master to Janet Manna
2001 Manna's After School Karate MASK Founder - CA. Licensed Day-care
2000 World Karate Union Hall of Fame Inductee July 1st, presented by Grandmaster Gary Alexander
2000 CA State TKD Coach of the Year, Olympic TKD
1999-2000 Tiger Team, MMA Olympic Taekwondo Coach 1999-2000
1999 Hall of Fame Inductee, WKU, PA
1999 6th Dan TEMAS Certification, by Grandmaster James Wilson and Grandmaster Darryl Khalid
1999 First personal students received 4th Dan Jr. Masters: Chris Brandt, Mark Pattison, Steve Simpson
1997 250th Dan Member Presented with TEMAS Dan Certification
1995 Manna's Martial Arts opened the doors to the current 7,000 sq ft. facility,
1994 First personal students received 3rd Dan
1993 TEMAS began awarding scholarships for college to martial arts participants.
1993 Extension Tang Soo Do Program at March Air Force Base, Riverside CA
1993 Opened UTSDK Encinitas studio, today is Center for Martial Arts owned by Master Mark Pattison
1993 5th Dan TEMAS Tang Soo Do Certification
1992 English Judo Association and Related Martial Arts Certification, 5th Dan by Soke J.D.Taylor
1992 AHZAH - A Karate Master Adventure Board game manufactured and sold through Century MA
1990 First personal students received 2nd Dan
1991 Master Instructor of Norton Air Force Base taught by Marshal Dorcey
1991 The Educational Martial Arts System, Inc. Chief Executive Director
1991 Founding Master of The Educational Martial Arts System, Inc., Kwon Jang Nim 
1989-1990 Produced Tang Soo Do Instructional Video 3 tape series through TEMAS 
1990 Bunbu Ichi Zendi Kyo Ki, Shihan and Region Head
1990 4th Dan Moo Duk Kwon Certification BIZKK by Soke Ric Black
1988 First personal students received Black Belt
1988 Featured in 'Karate' by Larry Dane Brimner FB Book, Franklin Watts, students and Brian D. Manna Featured in book
1987 Re-Certification: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan UMAF Grandmaster Y.K.Kwon & Grandmaster Y.H.Kwon
1986 Assist in the formation of UMAF with Grandmaster Y.K.Kwon & Grandmaster Y.H.Kwon
1987 First student manual published for membership
1987 1st commercial studio in Westwood, United Tang Soo Do Karate, Rancho Bernardo CA
1986 ASE (After School Enrichment) Founder, Martial Arts Programs
1986 Opened program at Westwood Swin and Tennis Club, Westwood, Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, CA
1985 WTSDA Life Time/Gold Membership #G-010 by Grandmaster Jae C. Shin
1983 Aided in opening of Tang Soo Do Karate Institute Mira Mesa, CA
WTSDA Dan Certification
1978 Aided in the opening of Kwon's Karate Mira Mesa, CA
WTSDA Building Plans Award Winner, architectural drawings
Student of Grandmaster Youn H. Kwon, CA
Student of Grandmaster Young K. Kwon, PA
1969 Introduction to Shotokan martial arts by Patricia Olekszyk (formerly Patricia Gane)
1957 Inspired by martial arts images at age of three, thank you dad.

*In 2010, Mr. Manna partnered with Tony Martinez to form Powerhouse World Promotions (PWP) and Marnan Enterprises. These companies were formed to support the existing and up and coming world champions of boxing and MMA. Mr. Manna received a Professional Promoter License by the California State Athletic Commission to hold the 'War on the Mainland' that was held in Irvine, California on August 14, 2010. A world class MMA Training Clinic that was held at Manna's Martial Arts in San Diego California on August 8, 2010. November 2010 Mr. Manna along with Mr. Martinez merged both companies into PWP, Inc. in which Mr. Manna is currently not active.