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Advice for visitors 

Welcome to Snow Herons Tang Soo Do Martial Arts

Advice for visitors 

If the school is open ALL visitors must sign in and out at the school Reception and wear a visitor badge at all times.


At Snow Herons Tang Soo Do, we believe the safety of our students is paramount and thus are committed to safeguarding them. We take notice of and adhere to all the national and local policies and guidance in regard to Safeguarding Children and Young People.

Everyone who is present in the dojang should be aware of their responsibility to make sure all SHTSD students & visiting students of Martial Arts are safe.

Safeguarding is summarised as:

  • Protecting children / vulnerable persons from harm
  • Preventing damage to children’s / vulnerable persons health or development 
  • Making sure that children / vulnerable persons grow up safely, and 
  • Taking action to make sure all children / vulnerable persons have the best start in life.

If you are worried about your child (student / Vulnerable person) / or are unclear about areas linked to safeguarding during your visit please speak to Master Andrews (Designated Safeguarding Lead officer) or the Reception Staff at the school you are attending.

As a visitor, it is important that you remember the following:

  • When visiting an introductory class, general class, clinic or testing, it is vital you do not leave the immediate area without notifying the Designated Safeguarding Lead officer (Master Andrews).
  • You are a guest to not only the club but the school and therefore Master Andrews is responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of all the students in her care and elsewhere throughout the school environment if you do vacate the immediate area.
  • Do not take photographs or video footage while you're onsite during testings or classes unless written permission to do so is given beforehand.

Health and Safety

While on site and in the dojang, you are legally responsible for taking care of your own health and safety and the safety of others affected by your activities or presence.

We hope that you enjoy your time visiting Snow Herons Tang Soo Do.