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Collection, Dropp-off & collection late fee

Question: When do I drop off and collect my child?

Answer: If your child attends an immediate after school class, either Master Andrews or a class assistant will collect your child from the classroom or the school teacher will deliver your child to Master Andrews or a class assistant at the Martial Art hall.

All students who are dropped off to classes may be dropped off 5-15 minutes before the start of the lesson and SHMA will take responsibility for your child only if the class Instructor is in attendance. 

Collection times are shown on the termly fees schedule on the website. Collection times do vary from school - school depending on the collection location. Please bear with us in the winter months if we bring your child slightly late to the collection point - We are actively seeking a solution with some schools to make sure that all your child's belongings are sent to Martial Arts with them and not left in the clock-room or classroom.

Question: When & Why do you charge a late collection fee?

Answer: We charge a late collection fee (£5 per 15 - 29 minutes / £10 per 30 - 60  Minutes) to ALL  students under 11 Yrs of age regardless of rank. SHMA does not allow any student to resume training while a late collection fee is outstanding. 

Question: Can I nominate another parent to hold my child if I am not on time?

Answer: YES, You can nominate in advance via SHMA email another parent of the same class to “hold on to your child” if you are running late. You must inform SHMA via email or text. The class teacher may not receive a last minute text during the class so please nominate at the start of term. SHMA will not release any student without written consent via letter, email or text.