Snow Herons Martial Arts
       Chief Instructor: Master Faith Carmichael (Formely Andrews)

  Snow Heons Martial Arts  

Confidence - Focus - Self Esteem - Respect - Discipline - Self Defence - Fitness  &  Fun!

Catch - Up Classes & Refunds

Question: What happens if I miss a class?

Answer: All missed classes are offered as catch ups during the current term and the first 2 weeks of the next term (if the class missed was within the last week of term). All catch-ups must be authorised by your class instructor prior to attending a class. The class instructor will asses your suitability to attend a proposed catch - Up class i.e., your grade & age.  

Question: Why cant I have a refund if I miss class?
Answer:  Your membership form includes a section that states that SHMA may cancel one class per term without refund. This class may be cancelled for any reason. Because we give you the opportunity to catch - up as many classes in the term as you like - we feel that we can have one! If SHMA cancel more than one class per term you are offered another catch-up or the class value as a credit or refund.