Snow Herons Martial Arts 
Tang Soo Do Karate 

Confidence - Focus - Self Esteem - Respect - Discipline - Self Defence - Fitness 
& Fun!

Welcome to our club!
SHTSD Contact Number: 07714425883

Sam Dan Brian Wycoff - 3rd Dan
Passed away October 2017
Please view our home page: Brian Wycoff

Welcome to our club!


At Snow Herons Martial Arts we aim to provide a safe environment for children and adults alike in which they can develop a multitude of skills. These include fitness, confidence and awareness as well as improving self-defence techniques. Our club promotes spirit, focus, attitude and discipline; student self-esteem and respect for the individuality and identity of others is at the forefront of what we do. 

Pride, respect and discipline are integral components of our teaching atmosphere. We emphasise self-defence as a means to disable, not destroy. Innovative modern day teaching methods are incorporated into our classes where we teach Tang Soo Do - a traditional Martial Art.

   We hope, that like us, this will be a lifelong journey for you!